Make money on Ternopilinkling -Get paid ,100 thousand on the post views you have.

Affiliate Program Get Money from your Website

Make money 100 thousand naira (250 dollars) when your post views gets to 100 thousands views e.g

( 100k post views =100k naira)

(200k post views= 200k naira) and so on


1.How to start

  •       You will have to sign up or register
  •       When you are done registering, you log in
  •       When you get to your profile you will see where to post things you like, chat with friends and so on.


2. How to get paid when your post views reaches 100k

After your post view reaches 100k , contact us then send your

  • link post
  • account name,
  • Account number
  • bank name
  • Phone number
  • Country

Please follow this instructions strictly to get paid.


3. Time it takes to get paid

After you submit all the information above correctly and strictly, you will receive payment to your account after 7 business days.


Warnings, rules and regulations

  • No pornography (pictures and content)
  • No full nude pictures
  • No racism post.

You will be banned if you break this warnings.