You can use 200 Naira to go anywhere in lagos with “ORide Street ” and Earn 4000 Naira daily for Bike owners.


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Do you know that you can go anywhere in lagos with just 200 naira and earn 4000 naira daily for bike owners (they also give bike owners an android phone to use for directions, after few months , the bike owner will own the phone).

These are the benefits for bike owners below.

1. Access to more customers.

2. New phone.

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3. 2 Helmets.

4. 1 ORide Street Jacket.

5. No restrictions to engine Capacity.

6. You get Free 8 litres of fuel when you start working with Oride street.

7. Introduce a friend and get 5000 naira.

8. You get 500 naira for every association ticket you bring to their office everyday.

9. Accept and complete 5 trips online and get 3000 naira reward.


1. Must be 100cc and above .

2. Bikes must be working properly including engine, headlights , turn signals , brakes and horns.

3. Motorcycles must be complete and safe.

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