Air Peace’ CEO, Allen Onyema recieves plaudits after he spent over N280M to get Nigerians in S.Africa back home

Not all heroes wear capes and some heroes turn up at the most unexpected time and that has been the case of Allen Onyeam, the Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, the airline who offered a free flight to get evacuate Nigerians from the troubled South Africa back home.

Here’s a touching video of how he was applauded by Nigerians who were so appreciative of his efforts;

Allen Onyeama revealed the evacuation of Nigerians from South Africa cost him over N280 million.

The CEO made the disclosure on Thursday, September 12 in a chat with newsmen, following the return of 187 Nigerians from South Africa, Leadership reports.

The airline had offered free flights to those who sought to return.

“I put together over N280 million in order to bring these people back, Air Peace decided to bring them free of charge, nobody paid us a dime, we decided to do it free of charge for our country and for our people.

“When I stepped inside the aircraft to welcome them, they mobbed me and started singing the Nigerian national anthem, there was nobody there singing about separation, they felt proud to be Nigerians, they rose in unison, that drew tears from me.”

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