Biography profile: Muneerat Abdulsalam

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Muneerat Abdulsalam is a popular Hausa Vlogger popular for her raw comments on sehx, lovemaking and marital issues.

She had recently re-embraced Islam and decided to put a stop to her controversial YouTube videos.

These are some of her videos

Anfani Shan nonuwan mace (Muneerat Abdulsalam)

Cin gindi bayan miji ya dawo tafiya (Muneerat Abdulsalam)

Yadda xaka ci matarka acikin shawa (Muneerat Abdulsalam)

Cin gindin bazauwara (Muneerat Abdulsalam)

Cin durin amarya (Muneerat Abdulsalam)

Hawan doki (Muneerat Abdulsalam)

Cin fada (Muneerat Abdulsalam)



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