Biography Profile: Kuteyi Folayinka

Kuteyi Folayinka Samson also known as Samuraeh was born on August 20, 1999 in Ondo State, Nigeria. He is a Nigerian Professional Blogger and Student at Adeyemi College of Education known for publishing at Mynaijabaze.

Kuteyi Folayinka

Birth Name Kuteyi Folayinka Samson
Birth Date / Age August 20, 1999 (age 20)
Birth Place Ondo, Ondo State, Nigeria
Residence Ondo State, Nigeria
Home Town Ondo State
Nationality Nigerian
Gender Male
Other Names
  • Samuraeh
  • Kuteyi Folayinka Samson
  • Kuteyi Oluwanifemi
  • KFY
  • KFYS
Spouse(s) none
Relationship Status Single
Relationship Type Heterosexual
  • Blogger
  • Graphics Designer
Years Active 2012 – present
Associated with
  • Akinnugba Rasak
Net Worth ₦50,000
  • Kuteyi Olanrewaju (Father)
  • Kuteyi Adebimpe (Mother)
  • Kuteyi FolaYemi Samuel (Brother)
  • Kuteyi FolaSayo (Sister)
  • Kuteyi FolaSade (Sister)
Favorite People
  • Kuteyi FolaYemi (Brother)
  • Kuteyi Adebimpe (Mother)
Next of Kin
  • Kuteyi FolaYemi (Brother)
Body & Measurements
Skin Complexion Fair Skin
Height n/a
Weight n/a
Hair Color Black hair
Body Art None
Body Type Athletic Body
Religion Christian
  • Yoruba
  • English
  • Science/Physics
Alma mater
  • Epsilba Nursery & Primary School, Ondo
  • St. Anthony Nursery & Primary School, Ondo
  • Ondo Anglican Grammer School, Ondo
  • Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo
Mobile Phone No
Mobile Phone No: +23408168713111
Social Media Handles
Social Facebook


Early Life & Family

Kuteyi Folayinka was born in Ondo State, Nigeria in a family of six consisting of Father, Mother, A Brother, Two Sisters and himself.


In Early 2012 Samuraeh was introduced to web stuffs by a friend. He started as a philsing website designer, later develop to creating a download portal using a wapka website.

In early 2014 he started an Entertainment and Music website using a free WordPress hosting, the host later shut down in late 2014. This makes him feel depressed on building a website, but he later decide that he will not stop what he love doing most.

In 2015 he moved to blogger/blogspot free web developing platform of google. He created a blog which url is located at He bought and packed a domain name of, the website run for a year before google shuts it down in 2016.

In early 2017 he then moved to WordPress for a paid host, he redirected to the new blog and bought a domain name “”, the naijang was bloked after a month of purchasing and he later bought a new url ”, things went well till over 6 months until he started detecting a bug and an uptime failure on his website dew to the host provider, and he quits WordPress leaving the website alive and accessible for everyone.

In late 2017 he created a website at blogger/blogspot located at “”. He started it as an Entertainment & Music blog it was success but there was a huge competitor on the niche, he then divert to an information provider website offering, People Biography, Movie Information, Words and Dicrions and many more. Folayinka called the website “A Mini Wikipedia” He stated that this was his best achievement since he started blogging.

Net Worth

Kuteyi Folayinka is as of now (2019) worth ₦50,000 Nigerian Naira. He earn most of is money by blogging and advertising on net.


Kuteyi Folayinka has never received an award.

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