Alleged Pregnancy : Davido forgives his accusers, orders their release

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Nigerian Singer, Davido, has had a change of heart towards his accusers after they were paraded in handcuffs earlier today.




This is coming after a spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Command, Bala Elkana flogged Davido and his ‘crew’, for parading the two sisters.

Bala has frowned at the parading of the two ladies in handcuffs.

LIB reached out to Bala Elkana to confirm if the arrest was made by his command and he said he wasn’t aware of such an arrest.

Commenting on the girls being paraded on handcuffs, Bala said it was wrong and that the girls have the right to sue as a private citizen has no right under the law to parade a suspect.

He added that the singer cannot adjudge the ladies guilty as only a competent court of jurisdiction can produce a person guilty of a crime.