Man gets debited N1.8m for fuel and he didn’t know

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In a rather shocking version of life’s events, a Nigerian man has taken many aback on social media following a recent occurrence that happened to him.

The man who took to social media to share an experience his father had, revealed that he got debited a whooping N1,800,000 when he went to purchase fuel at a fuel station and he didn’t even know.

The gentleman stated that his dad went to buy fuel and obviously, used the POS option, but when the receipt printed showed the amount that was debited, the overwhelming amount had, even the manager of the station in shock.

Sharing a photo of the receipt on his social media page, the gentlean wrote,

Lmao. Guys, forget the rice gist. My father apparently “bought” 1.8m naira fuel without knowing two days ago (attendant’s error)

The manager of the petrol station just stopped him to inform him. Their accounts department or whatever has been trying to figure it out


His story has of course, sparked a lot of reactions on social media… what do you think?!


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