Breaking news : Donald Trump has been Impeached, making him the 3rd president to be in the history of America

Donald Trump has been impeached sadly on charges of the obstruction of congress and Abuse of power or office.

With President Andrew being the first and Bill Clinton the second president to be impeached, president Trump has now been included on the list of one of the presidents to be impeached in the history of America.

What a sad day for Trump , as the final verdict will proceed later in the day. He lost both charges vote counts to the Democrats, which to say the results were predictable.

Before this event president Trump had sent Pelosi a

Letter stating his discontent on the issue.

On Agreeing to the article I of the resolution

Democrats vote number- Yea-230, Nay-2

Republican vote number- Yea-197

On Agreeing to Article II of the resolution

Democrats Vote – Yea- 229, Nay- 3

Republican Vote- Yea- 198, Nay- 0

Things to watch our for

The two party leaders are going to have an agreement on how the results will be finalized.

He will remain in office.

Democrats accuse Trump of pursuing a scheme to cheat in the 2020 election by pressuring Ukraine to manufacture bad news about the former vice-president Joe Biden, one of Trump’s main Democrat rivals, and then blocking congressional oversight.

Republican Doug Collins of Georgia, the ranking member on the judiciary committee, said that impeachment had always been an “inevitability” under the Democrats and denied that Trump had committed a crime.

Trump has “made the calculation that he’s going to do everything in his power to mobilize his supporters,” said Chris Kofinis, a Democratic strategist who noted that Trump’s combative behavior during his impeachment broke with Clinton’s combination of contrition and concentration on legislative matters. “He’s actually magnifying the significance of impeachment.

In 1998, after the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, the House sent the charges off to the Senate within minutes. This time around, the House may want to hold onto the articles as leverage to extract concessions from Senate Republicans — or to bury impeachment as it proves increasingly unpopular among moderates in key battleground states.

Rushing to impeach?

Pelosi insisted that Republicans would need to run a fair trial if the matter made its way to the Senate, without explaining what exactly she was seeking. Republicans, including McConnell, this week condemned Democrats for rushing to impeach and rejected the idea that they would do Democrats’ work for them in the Senate.

McConnell openly embraced his role as a partisan, saying House Democrats had paid only superficial lip service to the idea of fairness — even as they allowed a trove of hearsay evidence against the president, barred several proposed GOP witnesses, conducted hearings out of the public view, called a series of left-wing law professors to testify about their feelings on Trump, and prejudged the case publicly for months.

Meanwhile, conservative commentators slammed any delay in the Senate trial as crass partisan gamesmanship, noting that just this past March, Pelosi had vowed that impeachment would need to be a bipartisan effort. In the end, the only bipartisan aspect of the impeachment process was that a handful of Democrats joined Republicans to oppose it. All Republicans opposed both articles of impeachment.

That said, this special resolution which the House must approve is considered “privileged,” meaning that if any member wants to call up a vote to transfer it to the Senate, that must happen right away. But, the House can continue to hold onto the articles of impeachment if the resolution were defeated.

The historic impeachment votes were tallied as Trump was holding a rally on friendly turf in frigid downtown Battle Creek, Mich., where thousands lined up hours in advance — with some reportedly sleeping in tents beginning Tuesday night so that they could guarantee a seat.

‘We did nothing wrong’

“By the way, it doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached,” Trump said at the rally. “The country is doing better than ever before. We did nothing wrong.”

He added, to cheers: “We didn’t lose one Republican, and three Democrats voted for us. The Democrats always stick together. Now think of it: Three Democrats went over to our side, no Republicans. It’s unheard of.”

Pelosi and House Democrats, Trump said, had “branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame,” and were on a “political suicide march.”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m having a great time,” Trump said. “I’m not worried.”

After the event concluded, the president tweeted a picture of himself with the words, “In reality, they’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

Moment of frustration

It was a long-brewing moment of frustration, as Republicans openly cast doubt on Democrats’ claims that they were driven by an earnest desire to protect U.S. national security and the Constitution. At the outset of the proceedings, Pelosi claimed Democrats have “no choice” but to impeach the president, and that they were in reality quite saddened.

Despite Pelosi’s claim, photographs emerged apparently showing Democratic staffers partying on Capitol Hill as the impeachment debate went on.

More updates coming

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