Loch Ness Monster Finally Found With Underwater Drone – Download

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Scientists have found the real loch ness monster of Scotland with actual drone footage and DNA from their underwater submersible. Finally solving the mystery of creature.

The Scottish Highlands are home to one of humanity’s most captivating mysteries – the Loch Ness monster. Over the last 1500 years, there have been over 1000 reported sightings of something strange swimming around in the Loch’s murky waters – sometimes with flippers, sometimes with horns, and sometimes creating giant waves on the surface – causing all kinds of wild theories to be thrown around and becoming the reason for 400,000 people visit Loch Ness every year. Even though a number of expeditions have tried to find the elusive beast, scientists have come up empty-handed – well, until now. A recent study that sampled the Loch’s water has provided some long-awaited evidence about this intriguing mystery. So, what did they find? And why does everyone care so much about a dirty old lake in the first place?