Scariest Creatures Ever Found In Rivers – Download

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From fish that prey on crocodiles, to the largest reptile ever found, these are 10 of the scariest creatures ever found in rivers around the world. From fresh water, to salt water, fish, crocodiles, and sharks! You wouldn’t want to meet these alone!

Some of the scariest species known to man make their homes in the water. Not all of these mysterious creatures live deep below or out at sea. Some inhabit rivers around the world, lurking and hunting close to human civilization. They can be territorial, gigantic, or too aggressive for life in captivity. Whether they have the spectacular bite force of a crocodile or the razor sharp teeth of a piranha, these aquatic animals prey on the species living around them and can even threaten the lives of people. Some can cut through skin like paper while others use their venom and strong bodies to subdue their prey. Creatures like the giant stingray remain a mystery and can go largely unnoticed despite their size, while others like the northern snakehead are invading more bodies of water each year and threatening the natural balance of aquatic life.

But what are the most terrifying river creatures and how do they threaten us? Why is one of the world’s most aggressive sharks found in our rivers? And what happens when dangerous fish, reptiles and insects leave the water to hunt on land? From the largest anaconda to a seemingly small parasitic fish, this video will breakdown some of the scariest creatures that roam our rivers.