Biggest Internet Mystery Finally Solved – Download

Meet the real life computer hacker who solved the biggest internet mystery, from reddit, called Cicada 3301.

After its initial release in 2012, Cicada 3301 has been called the most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age. When it was strangely and anonymous posted on Reddit, it sent internet users on an eerie treasure hunt around the globe, combining the digital world with the real one. We still have no clue who’s behind it, or why. Some say it’s a secret intelligence recruitment process, or nothing more than a cult. What we do know, however, is that one man was able to solve the original mystery – with a combination of data translation, cryptography, steganography, and cunning thinking. How’d he do it? And where did this wild ride take him? It’s time to decipher that, once and for all.


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