FBI Finally Confirm Existence Of Bigfoot In Declassified Files? – Download

New evidence from declassified secret FBI files, proves that they had been an open case on the elusive bigfoot, aka yetti, aka sasquatch. And they really did examine his fur!

We’re about to take a look inside secret government documents that have remained hidden from the public for over 40 years. What exactly are they about? None other than the legendary giant half-man, half-ape known as “Bigfoot.” The legend goes back centuries and Bigfoot’s existence has been a prominent subject of public debate in North America since the 1950’s. Is it just a hoax? Or is Bigfoot actually real? Shockingly, the FBI recently confessed it had a secret file on the famous hairy monster. What was in it? What exactly did they uncover? Put on your cryptozoology hats, because we’re about to find out.


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