Over The Antarctic Ice Wall A Film Crew Disappears Forever – Download

In 2002 a US film crew went to the antarctic searching for the mysterious lost city of atlantis, past the ice wall. They never returned, and the US Navy Seals were sent in to get them, but all they found was a missing video tape with footage of an ancient civilisation

In November of 2002, a Californian film crew from AtlantisTV succumbed to the blistery, icy conditions of the unforgiving Antarctic, never to be seen again. It’s one of the few cases in history where the missing persons are NOT the focus of the investigation. Instead, all eyes have been on the hidden ruins which, apparently, they found buried deep below the Antarctic ice sheet. While some people think it’s all a government cover-up, considering that the south pole was once thriving with tropical life, it’s entirely possible that there’s merit to these claims. In fact, newly-uncovered evidence in the form of video footage they recorded suggests that perhaps they found what they were looking for.


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