Scientists Find Real Creature Behind “The Bloop” – Download

Scientists from the NOAA have finally discovered the actual creature responsible for the most mysterious underwater sound, known only as “the bloop”, off the coast of the Antartic, near the South Pole

In 1997, the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration witnessed the loudest underwater sound ever recorded by humans. Since then, the minute-long, low-frequency sound has remained an unsolvable mystery. The so-called ‘bloop’ rumbled louder than a blue whale ever could, but authorities had no idea where it came from – it was too overpowering to match any current living creature – or at least, one that we knew of. Experts and the general public threw out all kinds of ideas – megalodon, an aquatic dinosaur, you name it – but it could only point to one thing: something underwater was moving around, something authorities had never seen before. Signs pointed to giant, undiscovered sea creatures, but years later, we’re finally able to solve the puzzle.


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