FBI Finally Solve The Gardner Museum Heist – Download

FBI finally solve the cold case of the Isabella Gardner Museum heist, that happened March 8th 1990 in Boston, which turned out to the the single largest case of stolen art in US history!

All it took was 81 minutes for two men to steal $500 million worth of art from the Gardner Museum back in 1990. The art, comprising of 13 pieces varying in value and rarity, has never resurfaced and the perpetrators remained at large. Nearly 30 years later, it’s still touted as one of the most devastating thefts of private art not only in America but worldwide. After a long list of initial suspects and years of investigation, the FBI had made little progress. Recently, however, the FBI has been able to shed some light on the infamous crime – revealing the names of the two criminals as well as their connections to wider crime rings. So, who were they, how’d they steal all of those masterpieces, and what exactly did they take?


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