10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Ariana Grande Owns – Download

Ariana Grande released popular songs back to back with boyfriend & 7 rings, but you might have missed some of the ridiculously expensive thing she owns and were shown in her music videos. From the cost of the 7 rings to her lifestyle purchases, she definitely gets what she wants.

She might wear drugstore eyeliner and stay in Airbnbs rather than luxury hotels but everything this singer does is coated in money. With an estimated net worth of between $80 and $100 million dollars, this star isn’t holding back when it comes to buying exactly what she wants.

If you’ve had her hit song “7 Rings” stuck in your head like the rest of us, you’ll know that Ariana’s got an expensive taste. She sang the lyrics “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it,” and that much is clear from her luxury mansion in Beverly Hills to the huge apartment in New York City, and the range of designer clothes that she keeps in her wardrobe.

But it’s exactly what we’d expect from a star of her level! Ariana started her career in acting before branching into the music industry. From then on, her level of fame has grown exponentially, to the extent that it’s hard to go anywhere without spotting Ariana’s face popping up in the form of album promos, merchandise, or magazine coverage. As of 2019, Ariana’s taking over the world in her mid-twenties and she knows exactly what she wants. Today, we’ll be showing you exactly how the “Side to Side” singer likes to spend her money, and what exactly she’s splashing the most of her dollars on


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