10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Ninja Owns – Download

Ninja or ‘Tyler Blevins’ became huge by streaming Fortnite on Twitch but now that he joined Mixer, Ninja’s free to spend and own ridiculously expensive things since he’s now financially set for life with his new Mixer contract. From awesome sports cars, to gaming setups, he has it all.

Ninja was the first ever eSports player to be on the cover of ESPN the magazine, so yeah, he’s a pretty big deal. These days Ninja spends 10-12 hours a day streaming video games – mostly Fortnite – for his massive online audiences, drawing in hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. So, next time your parents say you’re wasting your time playing video games, just tell them than Ninja is worth close to $17 million – yeah, that oughta tell them.


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