This Is How Donald Trump’s Kids Spend Their Millions – Download

Donald Trump’s daughters Ivanka Trump and Tiffany Trump, both call themselves best friends but they grew up on opposite sides of the United States and had very different upbringings. So, how did the difference affect how they spend their millions?

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Almost like something out of a movie, Ivanka grew up with her father and surrounding family in New York, while Tiffany was brought up by her mother on the West Coast. As the pair got older, they became friends although they still have quite different relationships with their father. But if there’s one thing that Ivanka and Tiffany have in common, it’s their ability to spend money.

Ivanka has a net worth of around $300 million while Tiffany’s is in the region of $10 million. But that figure hasn’t held her back at all when it comes to staying in expensive hotels, dining at fancy restaurants, and wearing luxurious clothes. It seems she’s learning from the best because Ivanka’s always a few steps ahead when it comes to splashing the cash.

Being 12 years older than Tiffany, Ivanka’s also spending her millions on her children. Public school fees, as well as family holidays, don’t come cheap, but luckily Ivanka knows how best to spend her money to make sure that she’s giving her family the best that they can get.

While these two sisters don’t spend too much time together, we might actually have Ivanka to thank for Tiffany’s ability to spend her money. Watch the video above to find out exactly what we’re talking about!


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