This Is How Jeff Bezos Became The Richest Man In The World – Download

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is officially the richest man in the world and with a net worth of $159.2 Billion dollars, how he did it is truly unbelievable. Forget Bill Gates and forget Mark Zuckerberg, there’s a new king in town and his name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos.

Jeff has a handful of successful ventures and companies under his name, across the media, technology, and space industries. He’s the owner of The Washington Post as well as an aerospace company called Blue Origin that is creating a super-cool rocket for us regular folk to use. However, those companies, as impressive as they might be, are not why he makes it to the top of the world’s most wealthy list. We all know Mr Bezos for one thing and one thing only: Amazon!

Bezos transformed Amazon from a small online book retailer that started in his Seattle garage into one of the world’s most powerful companies. It created an entirely new model of selling things on the world wide web, and is the largest online retailer by a long way.

So, how did this superhuman ‘gazillionaire’ actually get to where he is today?


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