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If you collect everything there is in the universe, but what color would it be? It isn’t possible to answer that, but we can at least go back in time far enough to see how it looked when it all began to exist. Yes, this is apparently possible.

We all know about this mysterious and fascinating moment called the Big Bang, which gave birth to all that we can see around us right now. But originally, the Universe had just one color. As it expanded and cooled down, it formed more and more tangible matter and started to morph into all the colors we’re used to seeing today.

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The moment the Big Bang was happening 0:59
The Dark Age 2:49
Blackbody radiation 4:17
When the Universe looked like fire 5:08
… and what happened next 5:37

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– During the first seconds, the universe is expanding so fast and with such power that the temperature drops by trillions and trillions of degrees before it reaches the end of the first minute of its life.
– To see something, you’ll have to wait; and not another minute, but another 380,000 years, when the universe cools down. Until then, this epoch in the history of everything is what scientists refer to as “The Dark Age”.
– Finally, photons were given the green light to move wherever they want and that means that we can see something here. And that something is a colossal blob of blindingly bright light.
– This is how the whole universe looked back then, 380,000 years after the moment it was born. It looked like fire because the temperature made it look that way.
– With the loss of temperature, the glow of the universe’s thermal radiation has gone through several metamorphose. From blindingly bright yellow, it went to fiery orange and then became red, which was replaced by black.
– Then the stars were exploding into supernovas with every color imaginable; or collapsing into black holes, where no color is possible at all.
– The first and only visible thing that ever appeared in the universe was so heated that it looked like an orange glow and nothing more.
– It’s well known that our galaxy isn’t that dense, and its appearance to us is only what we’re limited to from our planet’s perspective.

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