This Is How Jay-Z Became The First Billionaire Rapper – Download

Jay Z has officially been named the world’s first billionaire rapper, according to Forbes in June 2019. His net worth now “conservatively totals” $1 billion. So how exactly did he become so rich? From the best songs that made him millions to the strange investments that ended up bringing him even more money, Jay-Z really is the hip-hop legend that has been hustling since day 1.

And even though he’s got that incredible title, we don’t see him stopping any time soon. But just how did this man who grew up in one of New York City’s poorest neighborhoods rise all the way to the top? With hard work, determination, and a need to succeed: that’s how.

Jay’s always acted like he knew he would rise to the top of the game and once famously rapped: “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” And with an impressive variety of sources of income, we know that he’s telling the truth. Aside from his impressive music career, Jay Z is a man with many strings to his bow and they’re all bringing in the money. He’s got his real estate portfolio, an incredibly impressive art collection, a marriage to Beyoncé, and plenty more smaller ventures that are all boosting his bank account every single day.

Today, we’ll be showing you exactly how he’s built up his empire from scratch in a matter of years.


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