Why People Often Don’t Like Their Own Voices – Download

Do you know what you sound like? You’re not alone in thinking, “Who is that clumsy, mumbling fella?” And sorry to break it to ya, but what you hear on the recording is what people around you hear every time you speak to them. But they don’t mind, so why should you sweat about it so much?

You probably do because it’s so different from how you hear yourself when you’re speaking. Yes, you hear your voice all the time, more than anyone in the world, but it comes from inside you, like, in your head! The last thing you do is hear it with your own ears. So if you thought that you have a smooth baritone or bass, that’s probably not the case, unfortunately. Your real voice is higher than you think!

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What forms the sound of your voice 2:10
Your brain never listens to it! 3:11
Why you might cringe at the sound of your voice 4:05
How to know if someone likes you 5:40

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– It’s mostly the job of bones in your skull to send the vibrations of your voice to your inner ear. And they aren’t as great at that as your ears are.
– Once your skull bones have bounced those voice vibrations around and sent them to your inner ear, the great deceiver – your own brain – does its part. It smooths out all the inconsistencies.
– Professional singers, voice actors, and coaches explain that when you speak, more than half your body takes its part in the formation of the resulting sound.
– Posture, the tension in your muscles, your stress levels, and even overall state of health affects how your voice will sound in the end.
– There are AI systems today that can figure out someone’s exact age, mood, how well their heart works, and even the month of pregnancy using only a recording of their voice!
– You hear your voice all the time, but your brain never listens to it. And it’s meant to be this way. It’s stressful to be self-aware on that level.
– Our voices change drastically throughout our lives. In just a couple years, you may not recognize yourself speaking at first.
– Your voice is surprisingly elastic even without age-related changes. Did you know that you have a unique voice for every person you talk to on a regular basis?
– And here’s a trick to find out if someone likes you: listen to their pitch. It’ll be higher than usual!
– If you try to train your voice and delivery, you’ll grow more tolerant of hearing it! Why? Because it becomes more familiar.
– People have a similar relationship with their appearance too. Because what they see in the mirror is not what they look like to other people or in photographs.
– Just like the voice, the real beauty of every person in the world comes from the inside. And like your voice, all you need is to be a bit more attentive to yourself to see it, as other people see it.

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