Your Heart Stops Beating When You Sneeze

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ACHOO! Phew! Bless you! Looks like you’ve got some pollen in your nose! Or maybe dust? Smoke? Or maybe you’re just stuffy because it’s getting colder, and it’s officially flu season! Sneezes may be common, but have you ever stopped to think about what is going on when you sneeze? And maybe you’ve heard the urban legend that our hearts STOP when we sneeze. Ever wonder if there’s any truth to that? Today, Brainiacs. We are talkin all things sneezing. From why we do it, to what happens in our bodies before during and afterwards, and a few extra facts that you may have always wondered about this very common occurrence. For instance, if you’ve ever wondered why bright lights seem to cause a sneeze, or why we as a culture say “God Bless You”, then this is the video for you. We’ve got it all here Brainiacs, so strap in for this one– cause as you know sneezing can sometimes be a rather intense experience!


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