How Long Can You Survive Without Sleep?

Your Body Will Shut Down After This Many Hours Without Sleeping. How Long Would You Survive…
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If you charge yourself at the end of the day after it’s worked for you all day, shouldn’t you do the same? In today’s video, we talk about the effects of sleeplessness, or sleep deprivation. Yup, this is not just a matter of reducing those dark circles under your eyes—this is about keeping yourself from hallucination, tremors, and even avoiding death. We also talk about some trippy effects of sleep deprivation, spoiler, you go blind temporarily, and why sleep is so important in the first place.

…What if we told you that a seventeen year old went for 11 days without sleep? Not super impressed yet? Well, this took place in 1964—a time way before that dreaded “5-seconds until the next episode” Netflix timer.

You don’t want to snooze on this one, Brainiacs!


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