Why Yawning Is So Contagious

What Happens To The Body When You Yawn, And Why Yawning Is So Contagious?
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Today we’re out to introduce you to something that people don’t pay attention to or rather, don’t take a second to figure out why Yawning is such an important behavior in our bodies. Together, we’re going to discover the truth behind Yawning for humans and animals. Did you know that during those six seconds of yawning, your heart rate significantly increases? Did you know that Even unborn babies yawn? Incredible right? Not only that but Yawning is considered to be contagious every time it happens. Research suggests, approximately 50% of people shown videos of yawning also proceed to act in the contagious. Perhaps you’re yawning right now! What are the facts surrounding yawning? What is the purpose of yawning? How does it work in our bodies and what are the real benefits of it? We will uncover the scientific facts, the studies which have been made by experts on the field and what they have to say.


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