Biography Profile: Mamman Daura

President Muhammadu Buhari is Mamman Daura’s Nephew although Daura is two and half years older than the president.

The nephew-uncle relationship is described as extremely close and date back to childhood years.

Mamman Daura, who is considered to be even more powerful than Nigeria leader, has been playing a significant role through all the life of Buhari According to Paden, Buhari’s biographer, Daura became life-long inspiration and confidant to the president It’s no wonder that now with 73 years of close relations Buhari chooses Daura to be as close to him as possible Malam Mamman Daura is a younger brother to General Muhammadu Buhari’s father, so he is an uncle to General Buhari. They are related by the bond of the blood. And that relationship is always very strong, particularly when they understand themselves with mutual respect.

Mamman Daura is a Nigerian journalist and businessman who was appointed editor of the New Nigerian newspaper a few months after completing his graduate degree. He is a nephew and long time close associate of Muhammadu Buhari.[1] Daura finished secondary education at Okene Provincial School in 1956.

He worked with the Daura Native Authority for a couple of years before joining the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation as a programme assistant. From 1962 to 1968, he studied economics and public administration at Trinity College, Dublin.

In 1968, the Adamu Ciroma, editor of the New Nigerian was looking to recruit qualified and educated northern Nigerians for the newspaper. One of those recruits was Daura who was just finishing his degree in Dublin.

Daura was hesitant to take the position when he returned to Nigeria but instead worked in the office of Abba Kyari, the military governor of North-Central State. In April 1969, he finally joined the staff of New Nigerian as the paper’s new editor.[2] The first two years of his stewardship was a focus on coverage of issues affecting Northerners and protection of northern interests.

Daura later became the managing director of paper’s holding company. When Murtala Mohammed’s administration opted to takeover the ownership of the paper, Daura soon left the company. Mamman, a nephew of the younger Buhari, was influential in the government of Buhari between 1984 and 1985. He was a board member of BCCI’s Nigerian affiliate, Africa International Bank and founded a furniture factory in Kaduna. He was also a former chairman of the now defunct Nigerian Bank of Commerce and Industry

Now that Buhari is in power as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the relationship is said to have even taken another dimension.

When Buhari overthrew Shagari in 1983, Daura was one of the few people Buhari trusted enough to give principal advisory roles. By the late 1980s, he had succeeded Ibrahim Dasuki as the head of the African International Bank.

He later also served as chairman of the board of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and if there is anyone who Buhari always listened to and confided in over the years, it is Mamman Daura but many are now complaining that the relationship is getting too close for comfort and will affect all the policies of the Buhari administration which is already struggling to cope with economic and security challenges.

An industrialist and later editor and managing director of New Nigeria newspaper (one of the most influential publications in Nigeria at a point), Mamman Daura has been described as ‘intensely engaging, extremely intelligent and brilliant‘.

However, not everyone agree with that description. Daura lives in the Aso Rock Presidential Villa or else he is off to his Kaduna residence. Daura is close and influential to the president. He seems to have been given a free hand to operate as he likes and determine who gets what as far as the presidency is concerned.


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