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Picture this: it’s a beautiful morning, and you woke up to the sound of birds chirping through your half-opened window. You look out the window see a few people walking by. But there’s a problem. They all look the same. With identical skin and hair color, when you look closer, even their face is the same. You are in a world filled with identical humans…

It’s as if a factory produced humans in the same way dolls are manufactured – minus the package, of course. These identical creatures come into the world naturally, but they don’t just have a name. They also have a number. So, what would the world be like if it were possible? How would you identify all your friends and relatives?

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The parallel universe #12 0:52
How they identify their friends 2:38
… and what their social media’s like 3:03
No bullying 5:23
No sense of individuality… 5:56

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– In the parallel universe #12, every person is born with the same face.
– To keep the world in order, the government came up with a numerical system that gave each person a number.
– To make sure that nobody lost their unique identity, they had tiny microchips placed in their chests.
– When you become friends with someone, the chips connected through something like Bluetooth.
– The world of social media in this parallel Universe is completely different from what we’re used to. The accounts aren’t based on photos but on intelligence.
– If you all look like every other person, you have to use your achievements and intelligence to have it.
– You see, in this world, only your achievements and character could make you different, so people used that to their advantage.
– Us humans like to label people who have a different appearance. And we usually pick on the negative. We categorize individuals on the way they look, and their weight.
– Creativity in that world is limited. It’s hard to imagine something different when you are exposed to the same stimuli.
– People began changing their bodies and postures to help them stand out.
– I began to realize that this perfect society wouldn’t last long. People were desperate about having a unique identity, so they were working hard to get it.
– If everyone looked the same, it might solve a lot of problems, but it would also create new ones. The sciences would probably sky-rocket, but creativity could go either way.

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