10 Mysterious Secret Rooms People Found Inside Their House – Download

These secret, mysterious and creepy rooms were found in houses by complete accident. You might be thinking to yourself that you do know every room in your house, this video will show you that homes sometimes have secret rooms hidden away in plain sight.

While the former use of these rooms sometimes turns out to be a positive thing, the world is filled with every type of people. Take the “Dexter crawlspace” as an example. That’s not the actual name of the hidden room, but we gave it that nickname because the walls of this crawlspace were found to be covered in white, plastic sheets. The Reddit user who posted about it even found a bunch of VHS tapes, one of which had “no” written all over it. The original Reddit post had to be taken down after a police investigation ensued.

Then there were the South Carolina homeowners who found a letter in a hidden room of their new house that warned them that the place had a toxic black mold problem. The author of the letter didn’t want someone with a financial stake in the property to throw the letter away, so they hid it somewhere where only the next homeowners would find it. But in the case of a 9th Arrondissement apartment that had been shuttered up in Paris, the world was delighted to find that it had remained untouched for 70 years!

The owner fled the place in 1940. No one knows why she never returned, but she kept paying rent regularly. A painting was even found inside this forgotten apartment that sold at auction for millions of dollars. While you might be planning on buying a home in the near future, make sure to check every nook and cranny before signing the papers. You never know what you might find!


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