10 Secret Facts About Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch No One Is Talking About – Download

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch has been famous thanks to the movie but some facts about Neverland have been kept secret from the interviews! When the HBO special Leaving Neverland made its debut on January 25, speculation surrounded what would be revealed about the lifestyle of its owner, Michael Jackson.

It was already established that Jackson, known as the King of Pop for hit albums like “Thriller” and “Bad” as well as singles like “Man in the Mirror,” “Beat It,” and “Billie Jean,” had purchased the Santa Barbara Valley-based Neverland Ranch to serve as his own Peter Pan-like escape from reality.

And in a lot of ways, he could be forgiven for opting for such an existence, given the uneasy relationship he had with his father and manager, Joe, who was such an intimidating and dominating figure throughout his childhood. One could argue that Jackson never did have a childhood, since he discovered stardom as a pre-teen with his four siblings as The Jackson 5, which struck gold in the ‘70s with “ABC” and “I’ll Be There.”

Baseball games and playground fun was a world away from Jackson, who spent his formative years performing in arenas and recording in studios. While Jackson and his family managed to escape the doldrums of Gary, Indiana, MJ himself could never escape the public attention thrust on him from childhood all the way to his passing at the age of 50.

Enter Neverland, a piece of unspoiled turf that the pop star turned into a personal paradise when he purchased the estate in 1987. While it helped MJ discover a childhood that he thought was behind him, it also housed a host of bizarre items and a cache of secrets, many of them revealed after his passing. Some of them may have been slightly amusing while others were too bizarre for folks remotely willing to suspend disbelief surrounding their favourite recording artist.

And although Jackson is gone and Neverland has since morphed into being called The Sycamore Valley Ranch, those secrets on that tract of land will only serve to add to Jackson’s kaleidoscopic legacy.


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