Parts Of Your Body That Will Outlive You

Which Parts Of Your Body Will Survive After You Die, and Keep Growing Even After…
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Ever hear stories about bodies doing weird things after death? Maybe they move their eyes around, or their arms twitch. Perhaps they seem as if they’re saying words, or they’re staring at you. Some people even report dead bodies farting well after the death has occurred. Well, all of this could very well be true. In this video we’ll look at scientific explanations for all of these occurrences. We’ll look at how they happen, what it looks like exactly, and show you all the gruesome details. We’ll even tell you things about the body you wouldn’t even have imagined! We’ll talk about all the cells in your body, their lifespan, and what they do, as well as organs that could outlive you by years! We’ll also debunk some myths your might’ve heard about what happens to a dead body. Forget what you know, we’re about to change your perception on the recently deceased. If you learn something from this video, give it a thumbs up. Subscribe and hit the bell notification too so you never miss a video about all the creepy science that explains how weird and amazing our world truly is.


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