Sleeping With Your Phone Is Slowly Killing You

Stop Sleeping With Your Smartphone Near Your Because It Could Be Damaging Your Brain and Body.
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Have you been finding it harder and harder to sleep at night? Or maybe that crick in your neck is getting worse and worse as time goes on? We’ve got some bad news for you, Brainiacs. The cause or some of these issues you have been having… may be the very thing you are watching this video on. RIGHT. NOW. Our phones are incredible tools. Never has the human race been so instantly connected to one another, and never has information been so readily, and easily available. But recently, science has shown us that having our phones near us when we are trying to wind down from the day and fall asleep, can actually be hurting us. And believe it or not, in pretty serious ways too! Not only can having your phone near you have negative effects on you mentally, but there are actual physical effects that take place– and can really hurt you in the long run! So be sure to listen up, because it’s time to learn what all that screen time before bed is doing to your brain- and learn some ways that you can counter not only these bad habits, but these bad effects that may have already started to happen!


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