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Can we take a moment to stop and appreciate one of the most important inventions ever? No, not your phone, the Internet, or HotPockets. The toilet! The biggest question has to be: Why are they always white? Wouldn’t that encourage stains? Why can’t they be black or some other dark color that would hide any graffiti more discreetly?

Well, actually, commodes haven’t always been white…or porcelain! Go back to the Middle Ages. In Europe, commoners had to use chamber pots — yes, for both numbers! But other parts of the world had the sanitary toilet thing down way earlier. The first-ever recorded flushing water closet belonged to King Minos of Crete over 2,800 years ago!

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Not a time for germaphobes 0:57
The first patent for a flushing toilet (1775!) 2:23
What exactly happens when you flush? 3:07
So why are toilets usually white? 3:59
Golden toilet paper 5:20
What do you call your toilet? 5:40
Toilet Museum 6:14
World Toilet Day 6:45
The world’s fastest toilet 7:10
Most toilet seats broken… over the head! 7:37
How many toilets are in the White House? 7:58

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– Remember learning in school about how dirty the streets were in Europe back then? The chamber pots would have to be emptied, so people just dumped them out their windows into the streets!
– They had no idea about the danger of bacteria and how it spreads to cause illnesses.
– In the 1800s, people finally began to understand this better and realized that there was a serious need to improve sanitary conditions.
– It turns out that other parts of the world had the sanitary toilet thing down way earlier, but the luxury of a toilet was only for royalty to enjoy.
– The first patent for a flushing toilet went to a guy named Alexander Cummings in 1775, and then the real work—and cleanup— began.
– The first and simplest reason why toilets are white is because porcelain is white, and 95% of toilets are made from the stuff.
– Currently, the average toilet manufactured today uses about 1.5 gallons per flush.
– Plain white has come to symbolize cleanliness and sterilization. It’s supposed to make us feel clean in the bathroom!
– Add up all that time, and the result is that we end up spending 92 DAYS on the toilet in our lifetime!
– A company out of Australia started selling TPc made from 22K gold in 2013. And yes, the price tag is hefty—a jumbo roll will cost you about $1.4 million!
– Located in New Delhi, The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets has amazing artifacts and pictures that let you take a walk through the evolution of the toilet, going back 4,500 years!
– Colin Furze of the UK built the world’s fastest toilet in May of 2013. It reached a speed of 53 mph, setting a Guinness World Record!
– In September of 2007, Kevin Shelley broke 46 wooden toilet seats over his head in one minute.
– The White House is famous for the number of beautiful rooms and fireplaces, but now you’ll know that among those are 35 bathrooms and toilets!
– Statistics show that before a child is fully potty-trained and can use the toilet all by themselves, parents will change about 10,000 diapers!

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