What If A Spider Lays Eggs In Your Ear

Can A Spider Survive Inside Your Ear? What Happens If It Lays Eggs Inside Of You…
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Well, you clicked on this video, so you must know what you are in for. And don’t you worry, we deliver on this one. It may be the stuff of nightmares, but honestly, you gotta admit, there is something kinda fascinating about the terrifying notion of a spider in in someone’s ear! In today’s video we are examining real life stories of people who found a spider living in their ear, and what they did to get it out. We also talk about how this can happen, where, and also a few home remedies you can do to get that little guy out of there. We know it’s gross, but hey! Sometimes real life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. And having a spider make their home in your eardrum is, well, exactly one of those NOT sunshine and rainbows scenarios. So strap in, and maybe keep a barf bag nearby, because we are gonna shine a light on what to do if you think there is a spider, or maybe another small insect, living inside your ear, and what are all the steps you can take to… Get. It. Out of there! And on the double too! After all, who wants a spider in their ear??


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