How To Escape Quicksand Before It’s Too Late

This is what you need to do if you want to survive in quicksand.
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Sucked into a sinkhole forever! Lost and never heard from again! One wrong step and… THEY VANISHED! We’ve heard all these stories too, Brainiacs. It’s what all the urban legends and Hollywood have told us about quicksand– that gooey, nasty, muddy mixture that seems to turn up in jungles and sand dunes. But is there any truth to this stuff being as inescapable and terrifyingly deadly as movies and tv make it out to be? Most of the time quicksand is portrayed as this silent killer that once you step in, you instantly are up to your neck in this muddy mess, and then slowly, but surely, you sink down, and down, and down, until you’re gone! Well, get ready to learn the truth, because this is exactly what we are looking at today Brainiacs. And if you’re like us, you thought quicksand was just as nasty as all the stories say. But luckily, through careful research by geologists, we now know exactly where this stuff pops up, and how to deal with it. So kick back, relax, and be prepared to relearn everything you thought you knew about this seemingly vicious, and quiet, force of nature that has gotten such a bad rap over the years.


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