Music Video Download – 12 Songs that Shaped the Struggle (With Lyrics & Translations) | Apartheid SA

During the apartheid era in South Africa, the role of music and performing musicians played a crucial role in lighting the social fire that lead to the undermining and eventual downfall of the apartheid regime.

In those years, song was a communal act of expression and one of the most potent weapons against colonialism and oppression. It played a major role in the eventual downfall of Apartheid and the foundation of a Democratic South Africa.

In Mandela’s autobiography, “Long Walk to Freedom” Mandela himself said that they used to sing in the quarry which “made the work lighter” and he was known to have loved music and song.

All in all, these protest songs played a number of roles: a cultural role, political role, mobilizing role and a narrative role. The aim of this video is to educate the world and the new South Africa on the importance of song in ‘Mzansi’s’ history. Enjoy!

1. Senzeni Na? // ‘What have we done?’ is the chilling question posed by this anti-apartheid song. (0:48)
2. Thina sizwe esimnyama. // We the black nation. (1:48)
3. Pasopa Verwoerd // Becareful Verwoerd (2:30)
4. Mayihlome ihlasele // Let us take up arms (3:36)
5. Yinde lendlala esihambayo // The road we’ve embarked on is a long one. (4:24)
6. Somlandela // We shall follow him (5:08)
7. I am a Communist (5:34)
8. Siyaya // We will go (6:11)
9. Nongqongqo / To Those We Love – Miriam Makeba (6:48)
10. Oliver Tambo (8:45)
11. iYoh Solomon (10:10)
12. Long Walk to Freedom – Thetha noBotha // Talk with Botha (10:58)

*I take no credit, nor profit from this video, nor claim to be the artist of these songs. This is purely for entertainment/educational purposes.

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