Music Video Download – Spitting Image – I’ve Never Met A Nice South African (With Lyrics) (HD)

Bring back the days when hard biting and simply damned funny satire was still allowed… 🙂

Those days of not so long ago before the “Nanny State”, the “PC Brigade” & bloody “Terrorism Laws” thinly disguised as ways to take away our freedom to rip the piss out of those whom thoroughly deserve it without fear of being sent to a Whitley Bay Detention Camp (also known as a Bed & Breakfast) under the prevention of Terrorism Laws… 🙂

Thank gawd, we at least still have left some classic old “Spitting Image” footage to remind us of those days when taking the mick out of those in charge was still something to be treasured… 🙂

“Salmon live in trees and eat pencils”… 😉


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