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Hey guys! Are any of you gamers? I’m not, but there was a time when I could sit all night long, playing some new and awesome game. And it’s then I wondered completely out of the blue: what would happen if I played for 24 hours straight? You think I didn’t check it? Fat chance!

So, I planned my game day for Saturday so that I’d have no work to do, could sleep until well rested for the event, and would have another day to recover after it. I bought a dozen Red Bulls (big ones, not those tiny little cans) and made sure I had enough coffee at home to keep me going. Then I fixed my armchair so that it was a bit less comfy than I’m used to — I believed it would help me not fall asleep too…

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What I did before my experiment 0:22
The first three hours 1:48
When gaming started to take its toll on me 3:21
What I felt after fifteen hours 4:13
… and four cans of energy drink 5:32
I can’t quit the game! 6:33
How my marathon ended 7:19

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– I turned off my phone so that nobody could call and distract me from playing, and put some easy-to-grab food on my desk next to the monitor.
– I opted for a single-player game. I launched it and off I went into the world of might and magic.
– The first three hours flew by like one minute. I didn’t feel hungry or thirsty, or tired, for that matter, just nothing.
– After seven hours I remembered that I had legs. Nature called, and I tried to stand up, but almost failed.
– Anyway, after no more than 5 minutes I returned to my game. Three more hours passed, I had another couple of buns and my first energy drink of the evening.
– Two more hours in, and I popped open another Red Bull. Not that I had to energize myself, but I just needed a distraction.
– I don’t really know what was happening to me after all those hours of playing, but once again, care I did not. All that mattered was that I was going to collect that legendary set of armor whatever it took.
– Three more hours and two more cans of energy drink passed. I did finish the chapter just like I wanted and, having lots of time ahead of me, went on to the next one.
– My vision was just a tiny bit blurry because my eyes were tired from all that staring into the screen, and my thoughts were increasingly chaotic, but otherwise I felt absolutely fine.
– When the last minute of my 24-hour marathon ended, I saw that, ironically, I couldn’t just save and quit in the area I was at the time.
– I quit the game after another four hours. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until I closed the game. I stood up and rubbed my eyes, and then I started stretching as if my life depended on it.

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