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Personality traits aren’t constantly stable, they can change. But despite this, even minor things can reveal what kind of person you are. For example, your walk can indicate your level of vulnerability while the way you hang toilet paper can say a lot about your assertiveness.

And your choice can also clarify a lot about your personality. Thet’s why there are tons of psychological tests that help reveal the previously hidden sides of your personality. Wanna try? Then look at the pictures attentively, and remember your answers! Later, they’ll help you to learn something unexpected about yourself!

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Which Girl? 0:28
Which Letter? 1:00

Your results:

– Girl #1 1:22
– Girl #2 1:54
– Girl #3 2:34
– Girl #4 3:16
– Girl #5 3:54

– Letter “A” 4:45
– Letter “O” 5:05
– Letter “R” 5:24
– Letter “S” 5:50
– Letter “T” 6:18
– Letter “E” 6:52

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– If you chose Girl #1, you’re most likely a confident and calm person. Obstacles and new challenges don’t scare you, and you’re always ready to deal with difficulties while keeping your head cool.
– If Girl #2 seemed the most beautiful to you, you’re a sociable person, fast to establish contact with others. Although you can occasionally be naive, you know for sure how to reach your goals.
– If you preferred Girl #3, you’re a bit shy and modest. You don’t usually make instant connections with other people, and to make friends with someone, you need time.
– If you picked Girl #4, you’re a very composed person. It’s extremely hard to confuse or embarrass you. You prefer to listen to your mind rather than to your heart.
– And finally, if your choice was Girl #5, you’re a persistent and independent person. You’re ready to change yourself if needed, and, therefore, you’re good at achieving your goals.
– If the first letter you spotted from the very beginning was “A,” you’re a straightforward and loyal person. You try to inspire other people with your own example.
– If you saw the letter “O” first, you’re a natural-born problem solver. You always have several effective solutions at the ready, and this trait of yours has earned you admiration and respect from the people who surround you
– If it was the letter “R” that caught your eye first, you’re a highly observant person. On top of that, you’re a bit of a perfectionist, which makes you pay attention to the smallest of details.
– Noticing the letter “S” first means that you’re a highly intelligent, calm person who doesn’t like heated arguments or, even worse, conflicts. And if such a situation comes about, you prefer to give in or move on, rather than get involved in a confrontation.
– If the first letter you saw was “T,” you were born to be a leader. Discipline plays an important role in your life because you associate it with control.
– And finally, spotting the letter “E” first indicates that you’re a very artistic and creative person. Your imagination is so rich that people often find it hard to keep track of your ideas. At the same time, you’re great at expressing yourself through different forms of art.

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