10 Unbelievable Things We Found Frozen In Time – Download

10 Strange Things and animals that were actually found frozen in time for so many years in ice that it might shock you how old they are! It might be creepy how old they are but some of these discoveries actually helped science advance much further with the new obtained knowledge of our History!

Archaeology is an art. It’s more than just digging up old things. It requires countless hours with shovels and brushes in order to preserve some of the oldest pieces of history we can find.

Usually, this means resurrecting bones. But, there are parts of the world where you can find complete and whole bodies, tools, and more. Granted, there still has to be a lot of care and consideration when digging. We tend to forget the icier parts of the world. Being cold is always a health risk and working with ice is a lot more complicated than what the average Joe knows. When we look at frozen wastelands, we assume that there is nothing more than just snow and ice. Surely, nothing can be found below the surface or beyond the craggy rocks?

For the fool who makes this assumption, there is a rude awakening coming for them. In reality, ice might be able to hold the secret to our very existence. It is the perfect preserver. Normally, when artifacts or even bodies are exposed to the elements, they decay and eventually waste away into dust. This isn’t quite the case when something is frozen in ice. The process of decay and biological breakdown is heavily slowed down. That’s why when we find a cadaver in ice, it can be an extraordinary discovery because that gives scientist the chance to look at something as if it only recently existed instead of thousands of years ago. Some of the oddest things have been found in the frozen tundra.

Not everything has to be buried in ice for it to be preserved. Thanks to this, we have some of the most amazing historical things preserved in ice. Discoveries like this can tell us a lot about our past and how it will affect our future.


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