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Hey there! Ever wanted to have a ride in a hot air balloon? Well, look no further: today I’ll take you into the skies… and even a little beyond! My balloon here is made of a special material, so we’ll fly as close to outer space as possible.

By the way, our trip’s gonna be really fascinating! You’ll find out what the tallest things on Earth are. And you’ll see them, course! One of them just drives me crazy. It’s the Millau Viaduct in France. Yes, it’s a bridge, and it’s three times as tall as the tallest tree on Earth! Can you imagine that? Oh, I’ve waited so long to see it! So, ready to ride? Hop in, then!

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Hyperion – the tallest tree on Earth 0:23
The tallest rollercoaster 0:57
Viaduct at the height of 1,125 ft 1:15
The tallest observation tower in the world 1:34
The tallest building 1:49
The place that inspired the movie Up 2:06
The tallest volcano 3:17
The highest-floating clouds 4:49
Everest! 5:16
What tropopause is 6:52
The highest point at which a human has ever flown on a hot air balloon 7:39

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– We’re going further upwards, and we’re finally at the height of the tallest tree on Earth: Hyperion. Located in California, this redwood stands at 380 ft tall.
– Now, going juuust a little bit up, and we’re looking at the top of the tallest rollercoaster in the world, Kingda Ka in New Jersey, standing at 418 ft.
– At the height of 1,125 ft, we’re flying over the Millau Viaduct in France. Yes, it’s a bridge, and it’s three times as tall as the tallest tree on Earth.
– At 2,080 ft, we’ve reached the top of the Tokyo Skytree — the tallest observation tower in the world.
– Now we’re finally reaching the height of the tallest building ever made: the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It’s 2,722 ft tall, and the sky seems to be closer here than the ground.
– Did you see that lightning? We’ve just passed through a real storm cloud. They’re the lowest hanging clouds of all because they’re the heaviest.
– A little bit of respite, and here we are, approaching one of the highest elevations in the world: Mauna Kea, the tallest volcano on Earth, located on the big island of Hawaii.
– The higher we climb, the more difficult it is to breathe. At this height, though, there’s still enough air for us, it’s just a bit too fresh for my liking.
– And at the moment, I present you the tall, mighty, and unbeatable Everest — the tallest peak in the entire world, located in the Himalayas.
– As we’re rising higher and higher, we’ll soon be saying hello to… yes, here they come: cranes! Yep, these birds are crazy when it comes to flying, and climbing up to 33,000 ft is a piece of cake for them.
– 36,000 ft is the altitude that’s often called a sweet spot for airplanes. In fact, it’s anywhere from 35,000 ft to 42,000 ft.
– Tropopause is a layer that separates the troposphere from the stratosphere, and the air here doesn’t become colder with increasing altitude.
– And finally, we’re out of the tropopause and into the stratosphere. The sky here is deep blue, and it’s the highest we can get on our balloon.
– In 2005, a man from India rose to 69,850 ft, setting a world altitude record, and safely returned to the ground after that.

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