How Long Can You Actually Go Without Showering?

What happens to your body if you never ever shower again? Rashes, bacteria and much more take over your body and your health in surprising ways.
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If you’ve ever been camping, you know what it’s like to not shower for a couple days, or maybe even a week. Hopefully you bring hand sanitizer, or baby wipes. But let’s do an experiment. Say you stop showering just like that. Forever! How long would you last before weird smells occur? Before your skin starts to grow some nasty stuff? Before you get all sorts of diseases! Or… would these things even happen?! We’re going to find out in this video. We’ll explore the importance of washing, but also alternatives to showering that just may work. And we’ll see what happens to a person who doesn’t follow conventional cleansing techniques for 60 years of his life! If this video makes your sin crawl, give it a thumbs up. And don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell notification for more videos about the mysteries of the human body! Or to remind your teenage son that a shower a day, keeps the stank away.


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