People Are Mysteriously Vanishing In Alaska

There is a new Bermuda Triangle located in Alaska and people are disappearing out of thin air once they enter.
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We’ve all heard of the Bermuda Triangle… that haunted area of the world located south of Florida that seems to eat planes and boats alive… since the 1950s stories both fantastical, and based in science, have swept the world claiming to know the reasoning behind these disappearances. But did you know that there is another triangle that is gaining as much, if not more, notoriety? It’s located in the Alaskan wilderness, and you may have heard of it when it was featured in the movie Into The Wild. Hikers, panes, and even boats all seem to vanish without a trace, similarly to the original Bermuda Triangle. Even experienced adventurers and mountaineers fall victim to this frozen tundra, and the numbers of those that are never heard from again keep getting higher and higher. It truly is a dangerous place, and maybe it’s for good reason that people take it so seriously when anyone ventures in! Today Brainiacs, we are going to talk about the NEW Bermuda Triangle. We’re looking at exactly where it is located, and we will take a look at what is going on here scientifically, and why so many people are spooked by this beautiful, and deady, part of the world. Grab your ushanka hat and ice picks! Cause we are going to where it is incredibly cold, and incredibly beautiful!


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