10 Biggest Things Billionaires Spend Their Money On – Download

Most famous people HAVE to spend their millions on the most expensive things like protection. Mark Zuckerberg’s bodyguards are a great example of how expensive security can be. If you were famous with lots of money, what would you buy?

Being famous usually means that there are some necessary expenses that have to be set aside for important things like security, taxes, and more. Some celebrities have to set aside quite a hefty budget to make sure they and their families are safe. Even Beyonce and Jay-Z have had to invest in massive walls to keep wandering fans out. Facebook pays millions to keep Mark Zuckerberg safe. The more important a person is, the more security they will need. Celebrities are also known to buy some of the most expensive clothing and jewelry that the market can create, all for the sake of impressing the world.


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