Why 99% Of Humans Are So Terrified Of Spiders

Why are people so scared of spiders. Is it because of their poisonous bites? The way they look? Or are we just born with the fear of these weird insects?
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They’re creepy. They’re crawly. They freak out your little sister. And, more likely than not, they are completely harmless. What are we talkin about? It’s that little buddy of yours that’s lurking near the ceiling in your garage. That’s right Brainiacs. We are talkin about spiders, specifically, why there is this widespread irrational fear that many of us have. You all know what I’m talkin about! It’s the blood curdling shriek you hear while you’re downstairs, reading a book, all because your mom saw a spider in the bathroom. So sit tight Brainiacs, because we are going to dissect this fear, and talk about why so many people have it!


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