Trapped Underwater For 72 Hours And Survived To Tell The Story

They were trapped underwater and somehow managed to survive alive!! Brainiac’s educational animated video get to the bottom of these amazing survival techniques
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You’ve heard about some of the world’s greatest escapes, but what happens to your odds if you add water to the mix? Even some of the best magicians and escape artists hesitate to tackle the deep sea simply because of the risks. But then in 2013, Harrison Okene pulled off an impressive (and dumbfounding) 60 hours underwater. Somehow he managed to stay alive. How? Unfortunately, it’s not magic or a trick—–just plain ol’ science. In this video, we talk about how Okene managed to survive almost 3 days underwater, and some other unreal stories of people who have survived from underwater fiascos. And did we mention the infamous David Blaine? All that and more in this deep, sunken, video.


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