Why Planes Don’t Fly Over Disney Land

Even pilots refuse to fly over these insane places in planes!! Today’s educational animated video is going to check out all of the restricted airspaces that terrify pilots!
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Ever heard of a pilot afraid of heights? Neither have we. But while this may seem like a punchline to a joke, pilots are afraid, or at least straight out refuse, to land at certain airports and runways. Safety hazards, poorly maintained landing strips, even harsh weather conditions can deter even the most experienced pilots in the game. In today’s video, we chat about some areas where pilots refuse to fly and even some no fly zones where they absolutely can’t hover over. Not to mention, we debunk the legends behind the Bermuda Triangle, but only after you get a spooky tale from us about a small commercial plane that went missing….Brainiacs, prépare for take-off.


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