What If The Earth Spins Twice As Fast?

In today’s educational animated video we are speeding up the earth’s rotation! That’s right, now earth is going to spin twice as fast and the effects on the world and climate are crazy!!
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The Earth is a beautiful place. It’s full of wonderful wildlife, amazing greenery, waterfalls, mountains, and the greatest minds in the known universe. But all this is dictated by one thing – the rotation of the Earth. That’s right, if the Earth suddenly sped up, everything would change. This video shows you exactly how that would happen. It’s not just shorter days, so strap in and get ready to fly around the world as fast as it will go! We’ll explore its effects on life, water, the Earth’s core, and its place in the universe. If you learned something from this video, give us a thumbs up! And don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification for more videos about this wonderful place we call Earth. Until then, hold on tight, who knows how fast this baby can go!


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