Surviving The First 24 Hours On A Deserted Island

In today’s educational animated video we’re going to see what it takes to successfully survive trapped on a deserted island. All you got to do to survive is last the first 24 hours stuck on this deserted island….
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Island-life is usually thought of as easygoing, carefree, and relaxing…however, desert island-life is anything but. Popular movies like “Castaway” may have given you some idea as to what you’ll need to do to survive, but do you think you actually have what it takes to survive being washed ashore a small landmass covered with hostile creatures, poisonous plants, and an unforgiving climate? Your instinct may be to say no, but you’d be surprised what you’re capable of…given you know what your priorities are.
So sit back and watch as we tell you the physical and mental problems that will arise during your first 72 hours on a desert island, and what you can do to overcome them. If executed properly, you may find yourself so comfortable you won’t want to leave!


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