This Is How Tom Brady Spends His Millions – Download

Tom Brady is the highest paid NFL player but how much money does he actually have? And what does he do with all those millions?

First of all, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. The debate is pretty much over. Even if this isn’t your personal decision, it is the statistical consensus. He has the most Super Bowls of any quarterback, has the most wins of any quarterback, has the most Super Bowl MVP awards, and has the most combined regular season and playoffs passing yards and touchdown passes.

More important than all of these, at least as it relates to this video, he is one of the highest paid NFL players of all time…and he’s still going! Just for winning the Super Bowl he has pocketed an extra $118,000 – the sixth such bonus of his career. In this video we’ll show you how he spends his incredible wealth, and some ways will certainly surprise you.

Want a couple of hints of how he spends his millions? Well, Brady’s the celebrity ambassador of a very popular yet very incongruous footwear company, and he once spent $35,000 on the company’s signature boots as gifts for his teammates. Think of all the footwear you couldn’t picture an NFL wearing and you’ll be on the right track. Another one of Brady’s unique expenses is cars. He’s famous for his love of luxury cars, like Audis, Aston Martins, and Rolls-Royces, so it may take you off guard when you find out what he chose as his first ever vehicle. Lastly, Brady has a personal chef that cooks all the meals for him and his family. Thanks to intel from the former chef and Brady himself, we know exactly what Brady eats and doesn’t eat, and what it costs to feed the NFL star over a year. Hint: it’s about a quarter of the average household income.

It may seem on the surface that Brady is pretty vanilla when it comes to spending, but just wait till you hear about his gifts, cars, food, and, dare we mention, his private jets.


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