This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drown

Hey Brainiacs, this week we’re going to find out what exactly happens to you body when you drown, it’s a lot crazier than you think.
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Summer vacation is over, but at least you spent your days outside at the pool or the beach. Ah yes, every day swimming. 61 days of fun. 61 opportunities to drown! That’s right! Drowning might be more common than you think. And it looks nothing like you think! Drowning is one of the most dangerous things to happen to the body. In this video, we explore what exactly happens to your body when submerged underwater for too long. We also look at the risks (besides death) associated with drowning. If you’re not a great swimmer, just be thankful you weren’t around during the Salem witch trials, because we also look at drowning as a form of execution. Put on your floaties and don’t forget to like this video, subscribe, and hit that bell notification!


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